Custom Printed T-shirts and more from Shanghai

We're screen printing quality garment in Shanghai: T-shirts, Hoodies & Tote Bags. From a unique piece to 100s and more, we got you covered.

Our new website is under construction, if you need any more info please get in touch here :)

How It Works

Send Us Your Design > Get A Quote > Order > Get Your Prints In 3 to 5 Days

We'll advice you on the design, help you pick the best blank and get on the printing work as soon as all the details are set. We can also help you on the design part if you need a hand with that.

Get a Quote!

Our Pricing Structure

Screen Fee

For each color on each print, we need to make a unique screen (120RMB/pc)

Blank Garments

T-shirts / Hoodies / Tote Bags before they get printed

Print Fee

The more of the same print the cheaper, the more colors the more expensive it gets.

Design Fee

Only in case you need us to create the artwork for you.

For example, if you want to order 10 t-shirts with a one color print on the front, the price will be:
- Screen fee: 1 x 120RMB
- Blank T-shirts: 10 x 33RMB
- Print fee: 10 x 20RMB
Total: 650RMB

A new website is coming up!

We're coding you a brand new website, with fresh info on the printing services, all of our blanks and more. It'll be up by the end of the month :)

All the blanks easy to review
Nico's original designs and more up for grabs
...and more stuff, like the printshop's playlist & upcoming events

Let's Get In Touch!

Add Nico on WeChat for any print inquiry. Whether you need a quote or want more information about our blanks, pricing, or want to visit the printshop (Jign'An, Shanghai), don't hesitate to reach out :)

(+86) 138 1707 0764